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I must admit that I felt that I was taking a chance when buying the book but I was very pleasantly surprised when I received it. It will take me ages to get through it because it's packed with great stuff! Highly recommended! Regards -- Rob Santamicone South Africa

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Dear Dean, The joke book has been beyond my high expectations. Having seen the standard of jokes in the daily newsletter, I obviously expected the book to be something out of the top drawer and you didn't disappoint. I visit it almost daily, preferring to savor, rather than behave like a complete pig and devour it all at once-would that all life's decisions were that simple. To all the doubting Thomas's out there I cannot recommend the book highly enough. The standard ranges from outstanding to pants- wetting. -- Jonathan Tyfield Cape Town South Africa.

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Dear Dean, Your jokes have been a bright spot in my life for the last 2 years. I'm housebound and in a lot of pain constantly. When I think I can't cope any longer, I flip to my jokebook (I usually find I can take a little more.) Thank you for making my days bearable. -- Ruthie W